Dark Messenger light up cushion by James Ryman

Dark Messenger light up cushion by James Ryman
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Brand:  James Ryman

The Gothic design of Dark Messenger features on this light-up cushion, from the dark imagination of world-renowned Gothic artist James Ryman. Soaring in flight, her long black and purple robes trailing behind her, this barefoot angel has alabaster skin and long blonde  (almost white) hair. She looks wistfully to the side as she soars, clutching an ominous black book to her chest. Her unfurled wings behind her range from an inky black at the tips to a rich royal purple near the top. Behind her, the moon shines through the clouds, illuminating the night  sky.

With the LED emphasising the light sources in the artwork and adding an extra touch of enchantment, this cushion is not only sure to add a touch of mystery and magic to any sofa or bed, but is also soft and comfortable.

Approximately 40 cm

Material: Polyester

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