Sacred Circle Umbrella by Lisa Parker

Sacred Circle Umbrella by Lisa Parker
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Brand:  Lisa Parker

A stunning umbrella from the magical mind of Lisa Parker is Sacred Circle. In front of an arched stained glass window of blue and red a grey cat sits on a stone floor. Sitting in the middle of a chalk pentagram, surrounded by five lit candles, one at each point of the pentagram; it stares at you questioningly, as if asking why they’ve been summoned.

A beautiful umbrella  with the image repeated across it, extending to 55 cm in length and 1 metre span but folds down to just 5 cm across and 24 cm long for easy carrying and storage. Perfect for the witch who needs to cast spells in all weather or a Lisa Parker fan.

Extends to 55cm length and 1m span, contracts to 24cm long and 5cm across. Easy to carry and store.

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