Oak King Small Canvas by Anne Stokes

Oak King Small Canvas by Anne Stokes
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Brand:  Anne Stokes

Oak King is the design featured on this small canvas plaque by Fantasy artist Anne Stokes. This beautiful interpretation of the Oak King features a little green flame rising from the leaves on his forehead, to symbolise the energy of life, and the branches of his beard intertwine like Celtic knotwork. The expression on his face has the intensity of his all knowing gaze.
The Oak King and Holly King are personifications of the summer and winter. The two kings engage in endless battle reflecting the seasonal cycles of the year. During warm days of Midsummer the Oak King is at the height of his strength; the Holly King regains power in the Autumn, then his strength peaks during Midwinter, at which point the Oak King is reborn, regaining power in the Spring.

Canvas measures 19 x 25 cm, comes with fixings.

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