Nemesis Now Sandalwood Backflow Cones

Nemesis Now Sandalwood Backflow Cones
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Brand:  Nemesis Now

These scented backflow incense cones are from Nemesis Now. They are scented with Sandalwood, a distinctive warm, smooth, creamy precious-wood scent which soothes nervous tension and anxiety. Brings peace and has a warming and aphrodisiac effect. They are the perfect accompaniment to our range of Backflow Incense Burners.

20 backflow incense cones per box.

Backflow instructions
For best effect burn indoors away from any breeze or sudden air movement. We advise that you suitably protect any furniture that the backflow burner is placed on, as it is normal for a light oily residue to be left behind on the burner. The residue can be easily wiped off the burner with a damp cloth. As with any burning product please use with caution. It is normal for the cones to take up to 10 minutes after being lit to start to create the smoking/mist effect.

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