Guidance Umbrella by Lisa Parker

Guidance Umbrella by Lisa Parker
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Brand:  Lisa Parker

On this stunning umbrella is Guidance from the magical artwork of Lisa Parker. Beneath a clear, starlit sky an adult wolf stands on an ancient, gnarled tree root, looking down at their pup. The pup sits and looks up at them, as if seeking guidance, reassurance and protection. Behind them, the aurora borealis tinges the sky green and turquoise, the silhouettes of fir trees in the background.

A beautiful umbrella extending to 55 cm in length and 1 metre span but folds down to just 5 cm across and 24 cm long for easy carrying and storage. Perfect for anyone who loves wolves or a Lisa Parker fan.

Extends to 55cm length and 1m span, contracts to 24cm long and 5cm across. Easy to carry and store.

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