Fairy Tales Umbrella by Lisa Parker

Fairy Tales Umbrella by Lisa Parker
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Brand:  Lisa Parker

A beautiful umbrella with the magical artwork of Lisa Parker's Fairy Tales. A pretty Fairy in a purple dress sits on the edge of a bark mushroom, with her brunette hair sweeping over her shoulder, chatting to a large Barn owl perched on the branch of a tree next to her, with talons gripping the bark tight. As she sits in front of a small fairy door, inside glows with warmth and homeliness through the midnight sky. 

A beautiful umbrella extending to 55 cm in length and 1 metre span but folds down to just 5 cm across and 24 cm long for easy carrying and storage. Create a bit of magic on a dull, rainy day.

Extends to 55cm length and 1m span, contracts to 24cm long and 5cm across. Easy to carry and store.

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