Dream Tree Lilac 16cm Dreamcatcher

Dream Tree Lilac 16cm Dreamcatcher
 Dream Tree Lilac 16cm DreamcatcherDream Tree Lilac 16cm Dreamcatcher 
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Brand:  Nemesis Now

Have the sweetest dreams with our Lilac Dream Tree dreamcatcher, from Nemesis Now. Within a thick lilac circle, thread is woven in an intricate pattern, centred by a large beaded tree of life, to form a portal that invites your sleeping mind to other realms. Hanging down, multiple threads hold a series of deep purple feathers and silver beads. Perfect for hanging above the bed, this dreamcatcher can protect from nightmares while your customers explore the astral realm.

Hang above the bed or on a wall to catch your dreams or to create home decor. The diameter is 16 cm across.

Diameter 16 cm

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