Cornish Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser by Beautifully Handcrafted

Cornish Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser by Beautifully Handcrafted
Cornish Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser by Beautifully HandcraftedCornish Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser by Beautifully HandcraftedCornish Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser by Beautifully Handcrafted
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Brand:  Beautifully Handcrafted

You're about to experience an artisan, natural hand poured reed diffuser with the finest quality fragrance oils. Inspired by the Cornish Coast is a range of scented candles and reed diffusers from Beautifully Handcrafted. Made by hand in a carbon neutral workshop in Cornwall, with all raw materials and packaging sourced from within the UK. Each diffuser will gently fill your room with beautiful and luxurious fragrances for 12+ weeks.
This luxurious room diffuser comes beautifully gift boxed, and contains a stylish square glass bottle and 6 thick natural reeds. These reeds have been designed specifically for enhanced absorption and exceptional scent throw, week after week. To further enhance the scent throw, simply rotate the reeds every 2 - 3 weeks.

The products (or ingredients) are not tested on animals.

A fresh, clean fragrance inspires memories of the Cornish Coastline blending crisp marine notes with sparkling citrus, muguet and cyclamen resting on a base of sun-bleached driftwood.

Size: 100ml
Directions for use: A beautiful addition to any room. Simply take the cap off the bottle and insert the reeds into the oil. Place the jar on a level surface away from direct heat. Leave to soak for a few hours and the scent will start to diffuse up the reeds and around your home. For a burst of scent, simply flip the reeds over when desired.

Caution: This product is for scenting your home. Not for use on the skin. Always wash your hands after turning the reeds. Do not ingest. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately and show the packaging. Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of accidental contact with eyes, wash with copious amounts of water and seek medical advice.
This product may damage surfaces or fabrics so protect them from spillage. Wipe up any spillages immediately, especially on wooden or polished surfaces. Do not place near heat sources. Do not light the reeds. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended function.

Fragrance time: Approx 100ml of artisan hand poured fragrance will create an uplifting aroma in your home for over 2 to 3 months. Most even longer if placed in right conditions. Place your diffuser in an area where air flows freely and preferably out of direct sunlight as this can discolour and evaporate the oil much more quickly. Whilst these reeds do not need turning, if you do so once in a while you'll experience a fresh burst of scent and re-invigorate the fragrance.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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