Blue Moon Clock by Anne Stokes

Blue Moon Clock by Anne Stokes
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Brand:  Anne Stokes

This enchanting clock comes from the magical imagination of world-renowned Fantasy artist, Anne Stokes in the design of Blue Moon. In a magical forest, moonlight streams through the branches at night. A beautiful white unicorn lying on the long grass in a moonlit clearing, the light shining through a haze of cloud, reflecting off its side and horn. Its gaze has a feel of magic and calmness, the tip of its horn glowing, as if the light was coming from somewhere within. As a young woman with chestnut hair rests on the unicorn's side, her long blue dress flowing across the ground. A small sapphire is fixed in place on her forehead by a blue diadem. Overhead, a white owl soars through the forest, a mystical herald carrying a magical message.

Perfect for any wall, this clock is sure to add a touch of magic to any kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Made from MDF and measures at 34 cm diameter

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